In June, TM DOMPRO expanded its range of accessories with 3 compatible filters 2 for vacuum cleaners and 1 air filter for refrigerators.

New for vacuum cleaners:

1. DOMPRO DP13024 filter kit for Thomas XT / XS vacuum cleaners. Replaces the original codes: set 99, 787241, in size set 101, 787272.

2. HEPA11 DOMPRO DP13025 filter for Samsung vacuum cleaners. Replaces the original code DJ63-00539A.

New for refrigerators:

1. DOMPRO DP16001 carbon filter for WHIRLPOOL refrigerators. Replaces the original codes ANT001, C00312451, 481248048172 and others ...

All new items are already in stock and are available to order.